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Margareth Lee

Inspired by Jesus and His “A Course in Miracles”

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ISBN 978-1-4457-4685-2

The reader may observe many similarities with “A Course in Miracles”(ACIM). I wish to make it clear that I am a student and teacher of it and therefore this can be seen as an ACIM book. It is intended to offer information to help you in your quest for spiritual well-being. If you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

The back cover reads:

Margareth Lee is a psychologist and former university teacher in the Netherlands with extensive experience coaching and treating groups and individuals. Her life is devoted to the transformation of her mind and to share what has been given her. Everyone possesses inner power to lead a meaningful life filled with love, happiness and peace. She wants you to learn how to use the God-given power of your mind to determine the circumstances in your life. That's why her website www.absolute1.net has free spiritual ebooks for your awakening, self-esteem, success, prosperity, and illumination.

This book is inspired by Jesus' original esoteric course teaching the divinity of man, so concisely framed by Jesus in the Lord's Prayer. The Gospels portray Jesus not as a masseur of ego, but as someone who called a spade a spade. For those seeking Truth his powerful words of wisdom bring peace and joy. Because the mind has to expand to accept the unvarnished truth, The Light in the Lord's Prayer cannot be read in one go, like Jesus' A Course in Miracles. That is why this message of timeless truth is not just an intellectual reading experience, but truly transformational. When you read this book, you will stop looking for a God outside of you. Nothing outside of you will save you. Everything is a condition of your fearful thinking, and only forgiveness sets you free. The Lord's Prayer is meant to have a powerful, mystical impact to evoke forgiveness of yourself and you begin to change your mind. Linked to the amazing power in you it's very easy to let go and let God. Knowing your divine nature and true self-worth, gives you access to inner peace, happiness and wisdom. In this book you'll discover:
- How you can escape from the world you see to a better feeling place, and feel good about yourself and about your life.
- Why it is your salvation to see that the world is not real. -
- Why we doubt, fear, worry, live in lack, get sick, suffer, grow old, and die and how to overcome ego, the power of belief in evil.
- Why the traditional image of God is an idol. You will fall in love when you get to know God. A God Who is not a stingy, unhelpful, unresponsive Being with a heart of stone and a bad temper.

- How to cope with paranormal phenomena and new abilities.
- The stumbling blocks on the spiritual path to transformation.
Now more and more people are remembering their true nature. When you are guided to read this book, it must be that you are ready to learn the truth about the amazing power in you to be what you want to be - do what you want to do - and have your soul's desire!

What Readers say:

One reader wrote:
Though it's not possible to read and experience it in one go, however, since I read this book, my life changed dramatically. My relationships improved, my financial situation changed completely and best of all, I am experiencing true peace for the first time in my life.

Matthieu Schriek from Tilburg in the Netherlands told me he could not read the book at night, because it energized him. In his own words: "When I read this amazing book, I feel ecstatic. I cannot contain myself, I want to jump and shout for joy.

A Dutch lady called me to say:
It is as if I am addicted to this book, I carry it everywhere with me. I don't read anything else anymore. It is a feast of recognition, yet I also find priceless new information. I am a student of "A Course in Miracles" and this book has given me much more insight in the Course. It really works!

Another reader:
You are such an inspired awakened mind. This book contains pure Truth. Because of it I now understand the principles that Jesus taught and speaks of in His Course. It has changed the way I see things and I understand the Course much better now. I can truly say it has helped me to let go of my conditioning. For me that is an ongoing process. Reading it made me conscious of the presence of the Christ in me and the love and light that is all around me.

And another wonderful lady from Hawaii wrote to me:
I feel moved to write you, just to tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful website. I came across it recently, can't recall exactly how, but immediately bookmarked it. The more time I spend reading on it, the more it feels like I am surrounded by love. Thank you! I couldn't control the tears today as I read from your book. I'm glad I was alone. (But not really, eh?).

From Jacques I received a very encouraging email. He wrote:
"Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you the way that it did. The insight I got from your book is so refreshing and on time. I was looking for something else and I got much more than I can ever imagine. My life is transforming before my very eyes because of the God wisdom in you. May you continue to be blessed and fruitful in all your endeavors. I read your book online for free but I will buy a copy to support your ministry. I love the Spirit of God in you Margareth Lee.
Peace and blessings, Jacques Allrich

Someone wrote to me in Dutch:
Beloved of All That Is,
Thank you for your very inspiring words in your discourse about the Light in the Lords Prayer.
As you write words are symbols of symbols, nevertheless, your words are completely clear to me and enable me to experience the power of that which cannot be expressed in words, through the Love contained in it. May we all as the ONE soon be released from the illusion of separation and remain in the consciousness of the Kingdom of Our Father!
Thanks again for your Love!

I work with great passion for these beings full of appreciation and love. Thank You God for my awakened associations! They attest to my awakening.

The author says about this book:
'This book is a product of the Christian Mystical Association, as my teacher Joshua called it. That is not an organization in the world, but an organization in the mind.'

People who are looking for spiritual ways to increase success and spiritual growth, often overlook a very present help which is available all the time. This book guides you to enter into a relationship with the Light, the Holy Spirit, Who will help you to be totally succesful, in ways you never imagined possible.

In chapter 7 about temptation the essential problem with the belief in evil is characterized in the following way:

'As long as we believe in evil we are in the ego's trap. There is no way out, because we can never be certain if we are not manipulated by a power outside of us. And because it will always be done unto us according to our belief, we will experience evil. But when we realize that God is the only power and every apparent evil an illusion without any real basis, we will experience that which comes from God. Nevertheless, there is a way to see if your faith in God is justified.

What are its fruits? Your belief in God can give your the experience of different phenomena. You can have differing light experiences and experience in many ways that there is another reality. But that is only the beginning. Because then divine Infinity is revealed to us more and more.

Every revelation is a knowing, knowing the Truth, that cannot be altered in any way. Those who were still in the ego's hold, hated Jesus, because he had an irrefutable answer to everything. His reasoning was watertight. He knows the Truth and nothing can oppose that. Knowing the Truth gives you certainty, with which the weak, hypothetical gibberish of the ego does not know how to cope. When you realize the divine presence in your consciousness, both you and the external circumstances change. Your life is then filled with wonder and beauty and fulfillment. You live free, carefree and joyful.'

To the argument that evil would be necessary to appreciate good, Margareth Lee has the following answer:

'When we are not conscious of the way in which we shape our experiences, we completely live through every experience we draw to ourselves; we undergo all possible aspects of them. And we notice; everything passes, this too. But this is not the way we want to continue on our earthly journey anymore. We have suffered enough, we don't want to live in fear any longer. An argument in favor of dualism often presented is that the experience of evil would be necessary to know and appreciate the good. The truly good has no opposite, however. It is unlimited and all-encompassing. We no longer need the supposed evil, problems, to experience the supposed good. You don't have to torture yourself to experience how pleasant it is when it stops. But as soon as you feel pain you can receive help, so the experience does not have to be repeated. That is why we must become conscious that thinking is creating and how we can create in accordance with our true being.'

This book also offers practical methods for dealing with everyday problems and seeming lack. It helps you to attract what you desire, love and great relationships, prosperity, health, insight and Knowledge.

In the next passage Margareth Lee uses problems with body weight to illustrate how convictions shape reality and how people can handle that.

We experience what we believe. For those who believe that much eating and fondness of sweets makes fat, the evidence for that will be abundant. If you believe that you catch the flu every year, it will seem as if you have a subscription. Many believe that you gain weight from eating much and heavy food. That often seems to be the case. But some people can eat anything they want without gaining an ounce. How does that happen?

You can look for the answer in genetic differences, but the real cause is the way you view yourself. Day in day out your thought patterns form your life and your body. Many have a love-hate relationship with their bodies. Their negative patterns refrain them from loving their body. They project their discontent about themselves onto their bodies. And they believe everything they are told about sickness and aging.

Many people who went through programs like those from Louise Hay, form the proof that after deprogramming people can really eat anything they want without gaining an ounce.

It is not the size of your body or your weight that can determine your happiness. We do anything to be happy. Let us be it now and not wait until the body is healthy. Are you free if your body is healthy or if you have the perfect waist? Or if you have a lot of money? A healthy body is no guarantee for happiness. The experience of a sick and painful body is an attempt to keep your mind outside divine reality and the divine light that is always all around you. For those who have ears to hear: pain and pleasure have the same function.

As long as you identify with a body, you are concerned with survival, health and pleasure. In the mortal world there is no difference between pain and pleasure. In mortal thinking the body is a source of worry and fear.

Your body is an instrument to experience this world and does that perfectly. Everything you see in it is an experience that apparently was very attractive for you. The point of experiences here is that we can try them out until we really don't want them anymore and that we learn how we can draw other experiences to us.

Your body is in agreement with your self-concept, your inner image of your body and what you think of it. That usually depends on current norms regarding the physical appearance. In this way your body expresses how you think about yourself, including all your negative convictions about yourself and your body. Your negative thoughts are old, corroded patterns in which you relapse again and again.

In order to change that, a complete thought reversal is necessary. The aim is to replace all your negative thoughts by positive ones.

Positive thoughts are not at all what people think they are. For most positive thoughts are not positive at all. They contain an opposite, so the negative thoughts are maintained. Therefore they can resurface any moment. Moreover, every conviction is also maintained by other, so-called supporting thoughts. If for instance you believe that you are too fat, it is no use trying to change that in a conviction that you are thin. If you don't approve of yourself just the way you are, there is no guarantee that that will change when you have the desired measurements. If you want your body to be different, you are not at peace with it. You then do not enjoy it enough. Let your body be just like it is. If you accept your body, you appreciate yourself, for your body expresses the way you feel about yourself.

You have the body you wanted, to learn the things you wanted to learn in your life. Everything that is painful for us, can help us to look for our true self. As soon as we begin to remember who we really are, our convictions about ourselves change and therefore also our body-image. The body then is no longer sick or healthy, thin or fat, it is only a useful instrument for our transformation. That is why we can love our bodies, regardless of the state it is in.

If you would want something about your body to be different, you could ask yourself why. Why do you think you would be happier if your body was fatter, thinner, taller, shorter or whatever? You don't have to concern yourself with what you would like to change about it, for that actually perpetuates the situation. Inside you are constantly telling yourself then that your body does not measure up. And so you stay in that experience. Everything you see in your body is only a symptom of another complaint. It is your mind that has to be healed. And you will know that that is done, when joy and peace flow through you.

You did not think: 'Now I will make my body fat or skinny or sick or handicapped.' You felt sorrow and resistance and you have tried for so long to push it out of your consciousness that it had to manifest in another part of you, your body.

Every resistance always comes to the surface, so you can look at it. That does not mean that you have to continuously grovel in self-pity and wallow in sorrow. You can only lack something by drawing it to you, by attuning to it. Look at your world. What are you attuned to? What have you drawn to you in your experience?

Ask yourself which experiences you want more often and hold onto them in your mind. Think of them and be grateful for them. Count your blessings. If nothing in your body functions properly anymore, you can still be grateful for your breathing or maybe just for your consciousness.

Then look into the mirror without telling yourself how you should look and meet the eyes of God. Try it. How would you feel if you would do that? Let go of every judgment that says that you are too skinny or too fat, too old or too young, too short, too tall, sick, this is ugly, that is wrong and all your condemning destructive comment. Do not wait for your body to become perfect, for perfection does not last long, as long as you hold onto this place of mortality in your consciousness. And what does it give you anyway? Why would you want to be 'slim' whatever that may be. You may say that you are then able to buy the clothes you would like to wear. But for what reason do you want to wear those particular clothes? Is it not to present a certain image? And what do you want to achieve by that?

Do not wait for something outside of you to be happy. Happiness is in you, it does not arise out of something outside of you. It is joy for living, thankfulness, love and radiant peace, flowing through you when you see the divine in everything. Without judging you really live, you live in the glorious present.

The author has refrained from labeling this book a 'channeled' work. In her own words: 'I take responsibility for everything I have written. I would rather call it an inspired work.
Read what Emmet Fox says about channeling in
You have a Divine Agency
from "Find and Use Your Inner Power"

Some students of metaphysics are fond of referring to themselves as 'channels', channels of Spirit, channels of Divine Will, and so forth. The idea is quite correct, but I am not sure that the word is well chosen. To me a channel seems to be rather a hollow thing. To be a channel does not seem interesting or inspiring. I prefer to think of man as the agent of God, for that is what he is.

A Western Union boy, for example, could be well called a channel, in that sense, because he conveys a message from one person to another, but he doesn't know what the message is, and, of course, has no interest in it, and no responsibility; a telephone operator could also be thought of as a channel between the two subscribers whom she connects. Compare these positions with the agent of, say, a business firm. The head office is, let us suppose, in Chicago. The firm sends an agent to Denver to transact its business there, perhaps to open a branch office or store. He represents the firm. He transacts its business - well or ill. If be is industrious and wise, he makes a great success; if he is stupid or lazy, he fails, and the firm gets no business in that town. He is responsible, he has discretion, and such an agency has an absorbing interest to the right man.

        Or a government sends an agent to a foreign country where he represents the home government, negotiates all kinds of important arrangements, and, according to his management of the business, advances or retards the cause of those who sent him.

You are the agent of God at the place were you find yourself. You have reason, intuition, free will, and se1f-determination, and you can be a good and efficient agent, a poor agent, or a positive detriment, according to the way in which you conduct your life.

To be an agent of God is the most wonderful destiny that you could ever dream of. Practice His Presence in all that you do and you will indeed be His agent and the living witness to the glory of His Name.

The author was first introduced to this way of thinking by Marianne Williamson and Louise Hay through the program of Oprah Winfrey on television. Wayshowers who next came on her path include dr. Herbert Beierle, James Allen whose books are filled with positive affirmations, Unity Church and some inspirational books published by them, like 'Lessons in Truth' by H. Emilie Cady; Gardner Hunting; the meditations taught by Joel Goldsmith and his Infinite Way, the words of wisdom of Annie Rix Militz, dr. Joseph Murpy, A Course in Miracles, the Masters from the Far East, the inspiration from Iyanla Vanzant, the version of the Lord's Prayer by Emmet Fox, The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes: The work of Meister Eckhart, Jacob Boehme, the spiritual work of W. John Murray, Wayne Dyer, Ralph Waldo Trine; the guiding light of Mary Baker Eddy and her book 'Science and Health with key to the Scriptures': Masaharu Taniguchi; Jack Canfield;the life and work of Henry Thomas Hamblin, the Endeavor Academy and the awakened teachers there, Joshua and Liberty, the leader of Endeavor Academy, Greta, Robert Jan Visser, Arty, Clark and many others. This book contains some quotes from them.
And of course Jesus, who taught us to communicate with the Father in us.


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